Bi Pride UK

We’ll be keeping you updated on where we’ve been (and where you can join us next!) on this page.

UPCOMING – Come celebrate with us! If we’re not marching, you’ll find our stall on site, so come and say hi!

July 6: Sparkle in the Park

July 7: Pride in London – add yourself to the waiting list to march with us, and hang out with us afterwards!

July 8: UK Black Pride

July 14: Glasgow Pride march with us!

July 14: Glasgow Free Pride

July 14-15: Bristol Pride march with us, and come hang out with us on the Sunday!

July 21: Isle of Wight Pride (UK Pride) march with Bi of Wight and us!

July 21: Northern Pride – march with us, and join us for breakfast before the parade! (Details coming soon)

July 21: Pride in Hull

July 28: Liverpool Pride – we’re marching with Liverpool Bi+ Group – join us in the parade, and at the brunch beforehand! (Details coming soon)

August 4: Brighton Pride march with us!

August 5: Leeds Pride – we’re marching with Leeds Bi Group – join us in the parade, and at Leeds Bi Group’s brunch beforehand!

August 11: Chester Pride

August 11: Plymouth Pride – march with us! (Details coming soon)

August 18: Colchester Has Pride

August 18: Doncaster Pride – march with us! (Details coming soon)

August 18: Warwickshire Pride

August 25: Manchester Pride – we’re marching with BiPhoria – join us! (Details coming soon)

August 25: Pride Cymru – we’re marching with Bi Cymru – join us! (Details coming soon)

September 1: Reading Pride

Essex Pride – 16th June

Stall at Essex Pride 2018

Coventry Pride – 9th June

The first person to come up to our stall was a student wearing an ‘I am 16’ badge and a bi flag as a cape, there with a parent. They were so excited to see us, and scraped the cash they had on them together to buy a t-shirt. It was wonderful to see someone so young already comfortable and proud of their identity!

Durham Pride – 27th May

Waiting for the Durham Pride March to start I was approached by a family, and they wanted to know about the bi pride T shirt. “I am pan but I only admitted it to myself this year” one of the parents explained “You are the second person I have told after my partner – at my first pride!” We had the biggest hug!

WhatsApp Image 2018-05-27 at 12.56.15

Birmingham Pride – 26th May

With Brum Bi Group

WhatsApp Image 2018-06-11 at 13.08.12

Exeter Pride – 12th May

(Photo of panel: credit to Devon County Council”s Equality and Diversity team)